WT Band Student Spotlight: Meghan Lancaster (Brooks)

Name: Meghan Lancaster (Brooks)

Years in Band: 2019-2023

Graduation & Degrees:

May 2024

Music Education and Composition

Where are you living now and what are you doing?

My husband and I are currently in Amarillo as I finish up student teaching. I teach several bassoon lessons around the area. This summer, I will start the process of Kodaly certification to further my education in elementary music.

Tell us about your family.

My husband and I are currently expecting our first child this October. We are hoping to stay close to my parents (WT alumni Dr. BJ Brooks and Mel Brooks). My brother is still at WT finishing up his degree in Music Education and Oboe performance.

What instrument did you play?


What ensembles and student groups were you involved in while you were at WT?

WT Symphonic Band, Buffalo Marching Band

Tell us a favorite band memory that you have from your time at WT.

One favorite would have to be meeting my future husband through the marching band.

Share with us what you miss most about your time at WT.

The level of excellence in the ensemble.

What did you learn from your time at WT?

I have learned that through hard work and dedication, the amount of growth that can be achieved is unmeasurable.

What are some of your favorite musical memories?

Conducting the Buffalo Marching Band at the High Plains Music Festival for two years was such a surreal moment from watching the band growing up to performing with them.

Why did you come to WT?

I came primarily because of the proximity but also the faculty. Band Camp gave me the opportunity to work with the directors and I was absolutely thrilled to work with them.

What was your favorite band trip and why did you like it so much?

CBDNA 2023: Performing music at such a high level, traveling with friends, and listening to such amazing groups is something you cannot replicate.

Do you have any advice for current WT students?

Steal as much as you can! You won’t have as easy of access to these wonderful people and it is easier now to compile all of their knowledge.


  1. Cindy Bulloch on April 25, 2024 at 3:09 pm

    Congratulations, Meghan! Hope you will continue to play bassoon and share your musical talents! Best wishes for you and your little family!

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