2008 TMEA Performance by WT

In honor of the WT upcoming 16th performance by a WT Band at the Texas Music Educators Association Convention, we will take another look back at our rich history.

The WT Symphonic Band’s 12th performance at TMEA was in 2008. Here is a sample of that performance.

2008 TMEA Performance

4. Music Of The Spheres (Live)

2024 TMEA

WT will be performing at the 2024 TMEA Clinic/Convention in San Antonio on February 8. It is our goal to have as many Alumni as possible attending the Symphonic Band's performance this year.


Sunday, 5:00pm, February 4, 2024
Concert #1 WTAMU Symphonic Band/WTAMU Chorale Joint Pre TMEA-Concert in Mary Moody Northen Hall, Canyon Texas
Watch Live Video:

Tuesday, 2:00pm, February 6, 2024
Concert #2 at Midland High School, Midland, Texas

Tuesday, 7:00pm, February 6, 2024
Concert #3 at Permian High School, Odessa, Texas

Wednesday, 1:00pm, February 7, 2024
Concert #4 at Brady High School, Brady, Texas

Wednesday, 7:30pm, February 7, 2024
Concert #5 at Johns Paul Stevens High School, San Antonio, Texas

2024 WTAMU TMEA Concert Schedule

Thursday, 11:30am, February 8, 2024
WTAMU Symphonic Band Concert at TMEA in Lila Cockrell Theatre, Convention Center, San Antonio, Texas


Friday, 8:00pm, February 9, 2024
WTAMU Chorale Concert in CC Stars at Night Ballroom 2-4, Convention Center, San Antonio, Texas


Friday, 9:30pm, February 9, 2024
College Reunions, Menger Hotel, San Antonio, Texas


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