New WTAMU Music Therapy Professor Dr. Daniel Evans

Dr. Daniel Evans

Dr. Evans is a board-certified music therapist with certifications in Neonatal intensive care music therapy, and is a certified dementia practitioner. Throughout his career, Dr. Evans has worked in multiple healthcare and educational settings: as a bereavement coordinator and music therapist in hospice, behavioral health, school systems, private practice, and medical settings including the NICU.

Dr. Evans’s research topics include: facial affect in music therapy practice, pedagogical efficiency, NICU music therapy, and issues surrounding higher education. Additionally, Dr. Evans has collaborated on research involving kinesthetic empathy, response to novel visual stimuli and familiar musical presentations, and effect of music therapy on referral rates with at-risk students.

Dr. Evans has been a guest lecturer for regional and national conferences and multiple professional organizations discussing music therapy in mental health, hospice, and music therapy with survivors of stroke, as well as a guest lecturer for music education courses at the collegiate level.

Before becoming a music therapist, Dr. Evans was a music educator and director of bands, teaching: band, percussion, AP music theory, and general music for grades 6 - 12. He has played clarinet, percussion, guitar, recorder, and piano with various ensembles while at Florida State. Dr. Evans received an undergraduate degree in instrumental music education from Florida State University, a master’s degree in music therapy from Florida State University, and a PhD in music education with a music therapy emphasis from Florida State University.

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