WT Band Alumni Spotlight: Donna O’Bryant

Donna O’Bryant


Donna O’Bryant

What years were you in the WT Band? When did you graduate?


What was your degree in?

Masters Music Education

Where are you living now and what are you doing?

Dallas/Fort Worth

Tell us about your family.

Two grown sons

Noah and his wife Thea are attorneys in Washington DC and have a son, my grandson Teddy who is 9 months old

Nicholas who is a WT grad who works at WT in residential kivibg

What instrument did you play?

Still play clarinet

What ensembles and student groups were you involved in while you were at WT?

Summer bands

Tell us a favorite band memory that you have from your time at WT.

Classes with Dr Garner

Share with us what you miss most about your time at WT.

The amount of information available to me in people (not google) that was available to me at the time. ALSO the quality people who were my instructors who invested in me

Do you have a favorite memory or highlight that has happened for you since graduation?

I have toured with my then 9 year old son who was a published author with Random House and Scholastic visiting schools and on television for him to share his presidential candidacy in 2032

Have had a law school graduate and a WT graduate!

Now have a beautiful and amazing grandson

Still teaching band with intensity and rigor everyday

What did you learn from your time at WT?

To teach with purpose and intent

What are some of your favorite musical memories?

Those summer ensembles were pretty amazing

Why did you come to WT?

To get a graduate degree

Do you have any advice for current WT students?

Work hard it is worth it…

What else would you like for us to know? (Career or family highlights, awesome memories, people who inspired you at WT etc.)

A proud graduate of WTAMU

A band director who still is passionate about the work and artistry it involves

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