WT Band Student Spotlight: Gerry Lara

Hello, my name is Gerardo “Gerry” Lara. I am currently a graduate teaching assistant at WT, I have spent the last couple of years actively involved in numerous ensembles and leadership roles. My primary role includes performing, teaching, and coordinating marching and concert band rehearsals. I will graduate in May 2024 with a Masters of Music in Instrumental Wind Conducting.

I have three summers of drum corps experience, allowing me to continue teaching in the activity. The summer of 2024 will mark my third year serving as Brass Caption Head for Arsenal Drum and Bugle Corps from El Paso, TX. In addition, I serve as Arsenal’s staff coordinator and am a board member of Sun City Musical Arts. These roles have allowed me to gain additional experience with raising, managing non-profit funds and coordinating the education team of the drum corps. I have also collaborated with numerous high schools as either a tech, clinician, choreographer, or a combination of those roles.

I chose to attend WT because the best music educators I have met are all WT alumni. I am indebted to my mentors, Don Lefevre, Russ Teweleit, BJ Brooks, Gary Garner, and Mark Bartley, for their support and guidance during challenging times. They have not only imparted invaluable knowledge to me, but also instilled in me the resilience and determination to overcome obstacles and strive for excellence. Their mentorship has not only shaped me into a better educator but also into a stronger and even more determined individual. I am truly grateful for their mentorship and for the profound impact they have had on my life. Thank you helping me navigate through the turns of my journey, you have all changed my life.

The role and responsibility of being a band director has been my dream job since I first picked up a euphonium and fell in love with making music. I am grateful, blessed and looking forward to beginning my journey in the field of music education!

Gerry Lara

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