WT Band Student Spotlight: Kyndahl Britton

WT Band Student Spotlight: Kyndahl Britton

Why WT:

I came to WT for the people and the opportunity to pursue both of my interests. As a student-athlete, I had talked to other schools for the soccer side of my life, and as soon as I mentioned music, most of them turned the other way. But when I talked to the coach and music department here, they were willing to work with me. Just based off this first interaction, I knew WT would be a good fit for me. Not only are the people here just good people in general, but there is also the history of successful alumni and high-quality ensembles. Specific to my instrument, I knew Helen Blackburn would push me to be the best musician I could be, and I couldn’t be more glad to have ended up here.

Musical aspirations:

After finishing my undergrad in performance at WT, I plan to attend grad school to further my education and playing ability. I am hoping to be a musician in a major symphony as well as teach in some manner. Ultimately, I just want to keep playing for as long as I can and inspire others in the same way that I have been inspired in the past.

Love about music:

Music has been the one thing in my life that is always there. I started at a young age because of my sister. She had just started learning flute in the 6th grade, and I thought it was ‘the coolest thing ever’ and wanted to be just like her. I remember that when she would get home from school, I would beg her to teach me how to play the flute. I kept playing long after she had stopped and found new reasons to play. I loved the way that I could always find comfort in music throughout my life. I also love the way that music challenges me. In being a musician, you never stop learning. There is always something you can improve on no matter how long you have been playing.


Don’t let others tell you what to do. You still have a full life ahead of you, don’t choose something just to make others happy. I have been told by many people that music isn’t fulfilling because it’s not a guaranteed job, or a financially smart job choice. But I won’t let that scare me off, because it is something that I genuinely enjoy doing and want to continue doing for as long as I can. Whether it is music, or not, don’t sacrifice your own happiness for someone else's idea of you.


-My dad went here ‘86-’90
-Jackie Wafford Mercer President's Honor Scholarship/Music
-Don and Sybil Harrington Academic Scholarship
-Institutional Scholarship
-Womens Soccer scholarship
-2x 6A TMEA All-Stater
-Attended Interlochen Arts Camp Intensive
-Attended NEC Prep summer orchestral institute
-In Symphonic band and the orchestra
-Attended band camp 2 times

Kyndahl Britton 2
Kyndahl Britton 3


  1. John Britton on November 19, 2021 at 7:14 pm

    SMH. For the record, I graduated from WT in 1990.

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